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A METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report) is the surface weather observed at most controlled (and some uncontrolled) airports. They are updated once per hour or when conditions change enough to warrant an update, and the observations are valid for one hour after the report was issued or until the next report is issued.

class avwx.Metar(code: str)

The Metar class offers an object-oriented approach to managing METAR data for a single station.

Below is typical usage for fetching and pulling METAR data for KJFK.

>>> from avwx import Metar
>>> kjfk = Metar("KJFK")
'John F Kennedy International Airport'
>>> kjfk.update()
>>> kjfk.last_updated
datetime.datetime(2018, 3, 4, 23, 36, 6, 62376)
>>> kjfk.raw
'KJFK 042251Z 32023G32KT 10SM BKN060 04/M08 A3008 RMK AO2 PK WND 32032/2251 SLP184 T00441078'
>>> kjfk.translations.remarks
{'AO2': 'Automated with precipitation sensor', 'SLP184': 'Sea level pressure: 1018.4 hPa', 'T00441078': 'Temperature 4.4°C and dewpoint -7.8°C'}

The parse and from_report methods can parse a report string if you want to override the normal fetching process. Here's an example of a really bad day.

>>> from avwx import Metar
>>> report = 'KSFO 031254Z 36024G55KT 320V040 1/8SM R06/0200D +TS VCFC OVC050 BKN040TCU 14/10 A2978 RMK AIRPORT CLOSED'
>>> ksfo = Metar.from_report(report)
'San Francisco'
>>> ksfo.last_updated
datetime.datetime(2018, 3, 4, 23, 54, 4, 353757, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc)
>>> ksfo.translations.clouds
'Broken layer at 4000ft (Towering Cumulus), Overcast layer at 5000ft - Reported AGL'
>>> ksfo.summary
'Winds N-360 (variable 320 to 040) at 24kt gusting to 55kt, Vis 0.125sm, Temp 14C, Dew 10C, Alt 29.78inHg, Heavy Thunderstorm, Vicinity Funnel Cloud, Broken layer at 4000ft (Towering Cumulus), Overcast layer at 5000ft'

async async_update(timeout: int = 10) -> bool

Async updates report data by fetching and parsing the report

Returns True if a new report is available, else False

code: str

Station ident code the report was initialized with

data: avwx.structs.MetarData = None

MetarData dataclass of parsed data values and units. Parsed on update()

from_report(report: str) -> avwx.Metar

Returns an updated report object based on an existing report

issued: date = None

UTC date object when the report was issued

last_updated: datetime.datetime = None

UTC Datetime object when the report was last updated

parse(report: str, issued: Optional[date] = None) -> bool

Updates report data by parsing a given report

Can accept a report issue date if not a recent report string

raw: str = None

The unparsed report string. Fetched on update()

service: avwx.service.Service

Service object used to fetch the report string

source: str = None

Source URL root used to pull the current report data

speech: str

Report summary designed to be read by a text-to-speech program

station: avwx.Station

Provides basic station info

summary: str

Condensed report summary created from translations

translations: avwx.structs.MetarTrans = None

MetarTrans dataclass of translation strings from data. Parsed on update()

units: avwx.structs.Units

Units inferred from the station location and report contents

update(timeout: int = 10) -> bool

Updates report data by fetching and parsing the report

Returns True if a new report is available, else False

class avwx.structs.MetarData

altimeter: avwx.structs.Number

clouds: List[avwx.structs.Cloud]

density_altitude: int

dewpoint: avwx.structs.Number

flight_rules: str

other: List[str]

pressure_altitude: int

raw: str

relative_humidity: str

remarks: str

remarks_info: avwx.structs.RemarksData

runway_visibility: List[avwx.structs.RunwayVisibility]

sanitized: str

icao: str

temperature: avwx.structs.Number

time: avwx.structs.Timestamp

visibility: avwx.structs.Number

wind_direction: avwx.structs.Number

wind_gust: avwx.structs.Number

wind_speed: avwx.structs.Number

wind_variable_direction: avwx.structs.Number

class avwx.structs.MetarTrans

altimeter: str

clouds: str

dewpoint: str

other: str

remarks: dict

temperature: str

visibility: str

wind: str