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A PIREP (Pilot Report) is an observation made by pilots inflight meant to aid controllers and pilots routing around adverse conditions and other conditions of note. They typically contain icing, turbulence, cloud types/bases/tops, and other info at a known distance and radial from a ground station. They are released as they come in.

class avwx.Pireps(code: str = None, lat: float = None, lon: float = None)

The Pireps class offers an object-oriented approach to managing multiple PIREP reports for a single station.

Below is typical usage for fetching and pulling PIREP data for KJFK.

>>> from avwx import Pireps
>>> kmco = Pireps("KMCO")
'Orlando International Airport'
>>> kmco.update()
>>> kmco.last_updated
datetime.datetime(2019, 5, 24, 13, 31, 46, 561732, tzinfo=datetime.timezone.utc)
>>> kmco.raw[0]
'FLL UA /OV KFLL275015/TM 1241/FL020/TP B737/SK TOP020/RM DURD RY10L'
Location(repr='KFLL275015', station='KFLL', direction=Number(repr='275', value=275, spoken='two seven five'), distance=Number(repr='015', value=15, spoken='one five'))

The parse and from_report methods can parse a report string if you want to override the normal fetching process.

async async_update(timeout: int = 10) -> bool

Async updates report data by fetching and parsing the report

Returns True if a new report is available, else False

code: Optional[str]

Station ident code the report was initialized with

data: List[avwx.structs.PirepData] = None

List of PirepData dataclasses of parsed data values and units. Parsed on update()

issued: date = None

UTC date object when the report was issued

last_updated: datetime.datetime = None

UTC Datetime object when the reports were last updated

coord: avwx.structs.Coord

Coordinate of the radial center

parse(reports: Union[str, List[str]], issued: Optional[date] = None) -> bool

Updates report data by parsing a given report

Can accept a report issue date if not a recent report string

raw: List[str] = None

The unparsed report strings. Fetched on update()

service: avwx.service.Service

Service object used to fetch the report strings

source: str = None

Source URL root used to pull the current report data

station: avwx.Station = None

Provides basic station info

units: avwx.structs.Units

Units inferred from the station location and report contents

update(timeout: int = 10) -> bool

Updates report data by fetching and parsing recent aircraft reports

Returns True if a new report is available, else False

class avwx.structs.PirepData

aircraft: avwx.structs.Aircraft = None

altitude: avwx.structs.Number = None

clouds: List[avwx.structs.Cloud]

flight_visibility: avwx.structs.Number = None

icao: str

icing: avwx.structs.Icing = None

location: avwx.structs.Location = None

other: List[str]

raw: str

remarks: str

sanitized: str

temperature: avwx.structs.Number = None

time: avwx.structs.Timestamp

turbulence: avwx.structs.Turbulence = None

type: str

wx_codes: List[avwx.structs.Code]