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Static Values

Contains static objects for internal and external use


AVWX includes a compiled glossary of common report abbreviations that are listed separate from any other parsing mechanism. This is provided just for you to assist in translating the original reports or any item left in the other element.

avwx.static.glossary.GLOBAL: *{str: str}

Glossary of abreviations found in reports. These should be treated as default values. OTher elements may overwrite in specific instances.

avwx.static.glossary.METAR: *{str: str}

Glossary conflicts used only in METARs

avwx.static.glossary.NA_REGIONAL: *{str: str}

Glossary items and conflicts used for reports referencing locations in North America

Station Identification

METAR and TAF reports come in two variants depending on the station's location: North American & International. This affects both element parsing and inferred units of measurement. AVWX determines this by looking at the station's ICAO value.

avwx.static.core.NA_REGIONS: [str]

Prefix indicating station uses North American formatting

avwx.static.core.IN_REGIONS: [str]

Prefix indicating station uses International formatting

avwx.static.core.M_NA_REGIONS: [str]

Two-character prefix indication Central American station uses North American formatting

avwx.static.core.M_IN_REGIONS: [str]

Two-character prefix indication Central American station uses International formatting


Static values used to translate report data

avwx.static.core.CLOUD_TRANSLATIONS: {str: str}

Dictionary associating cloud layer and cloud codes with descriptions

avwx.static.taf.ICING_CONDITIONS: {str: str}

Dictionary associating icing report IDs with descriptions

avwx.static.taf.PRESSURE_TENDENCIES: {str: str}

Dictionary associating pressure change IDs with descriptions

avwx.static.core.REMARKS_ELEMENTS: {str: str}

Static remarks translation elements

avwx.static.core.REMARKS_GROUPS: {str: str}

Static remarks translation group strings

avwx.static.taf.TURBULENCE_CONDITIONS: {str: str}

Dictionary associating turbulence report IDs with descriptions

avwx.static.core.WX_TRANSLATIONS: {str: str}

Dictionary associating WX codes with descriptions


Static values involving units of measure

avwx.static.core.CARDINALS: {str: int}

Dictionary of cardinal direction values

avwx.static.core.CLOUD_LIST: [str]

List of cloud layer abbreviations

avwx.static.core.FLIGHT_RULES: [str]

List of flight rules abbreviations

avwx.static.core.FRACTIONS: {str: str}

Dictionary associating fraction strings with their spoken version

avwx.static.core.IN_UNITS: {str: str}

International variant units

avwx.static.core.NA_UNITS: {str: str}

North American variant units

avwx.static.core.NUMBER_REPL: {str: str}

Dictionary associating algebraic signs with their spoken version

avwx.static.core.SPECIAL_NUMBERS: {str: tuple}

Dictionary associating special number values with their spoken version

avwx.static.core.SPOKEN_UNITS: {str: str}

Units required to be translated in order to be spoken properly