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Other Data Structures

class avwx.structs.Aircraft

from_icao(code: str) -> avwx.structs.Aircraft

Load an Aircraft from an ICAO aircraft code

code: str

type: str

class avwx.structs.Bulletin

country: str

number: int

repr: str

type: avwx.structs.Code

class avwx.structs.Cloud

base: int = None

modifier: str = None

repr: str

top: int = None

type: str = str

class avwx.structs.Code

from_dict(key: Optional[str], codes: Dict[str, str], default: str = None, error: bool = True) -> avwx.structs.Code

Load a code from a known key and value dict

repr: str

value: str

class avwx.structs.Coord

lat: float

lon: float

repr: str = None

pair: Tuple[float, float]

point: shapely.geometry.Point

to_dms(value: float) -> Tuple[int, int, int]

Convert a coordinate decimal value to degree, minute, second

class avwx.structs.Fraction

denominator: int

normalized: str

numerator: int

class avwx.structs.Icing

ceiling: avwx.structs.Number = None

floor: avwx.structs.Number = None

severity: str

type: str = None

class avwx.structs.Location

direction: avwx.structs.Number

distance: avwx.structs.Number

repr: str

station: str

class avwx.structs.Movement

direction: Optional[avwx.structs.Number]

repr: str

speed: Optional[avwx.structs.Number]

class avwx.structs.Number

repr: str

spoken: str

value: float

class avwx.structs.PressureTendency

repr: str

tendency: str

change: float

class avwx.structs.RemarksData

codes: List[avwx.structs.Code] = []

dewpoint_decimal: avwx.structs.Number = None

maximum_temperature_24: avwx.structs.Number = None

maximum_temperature_6: avwx.structs.Number = None

minimum_temperature_24: avwx.structs.Number = None

minimum_temperature_6: avwx.structs.Number = None

precip_24_hours: avwx.structs.Number = None

precip_36_hours: avwx.structs.Number = None

precip_hourly: avwx.structs.Number = None

pressure_tendency: avwx.structs.PressureTendency = None

sea_level_pressure: avwx.structs.Number = None

snow_depth: avwx.structs.Number = None

sunshine_minutes: avwx.structs.Number = None

temperature_decimal: avwx.structs.Number = None

class avwx.structs.RunwayVisibility

repr: str

runway: str

trend: Optional[avwx.structs.Code]

variable_visibility: List[avwx.structs.Number]

visibility: Optional[avwx.structs.Number]

class avwx.structs.Timestamp

dt: datetime.datetime

repr: str

class avwx.structs.Turbulence

ceiling: avwx.structs.Number = None

floor: avwx.structs.Number = None

severity: str

class avwx.structs.Units

accumulation: str

altimeter: str

altitude: str

temperature: str

visibility: str

wind_speed: str

class avwx.structs.NbmUnits

accumulation: str

altimeter: str

altitude: str

duration: str

solar_radiation: str

temperature: str

visibility: str

wave_height: str

wind_speed: str